Hometown: New Hope, MN
Current: Bemidji, MN

Brent Relopez


Team Yukon Outdoors is more than just a name, more that just a motley group of guys, we are a family. I am very honored to have such a great group of men beside me representing the TYO name. It has been my dream to run a team of great guys like the ones of TYO ever since I can remember. Over the years I have realized that hunting and fishing is much more than what some people think it is. The 3:30 am wake up calls, scouting missions, hours of setting decoy spreads, memories with good pals, and spending time in God’s country is what it’s all about; not how many geese you killed last year, or the number of crappies you caught this summer.

Growing up in New Hope, MN I mainly fished the west metro for the majority of my life. I am now working for JCS fiber optics! Waterfowl hunting, ice fishing and catching bass are my three top aspects of the outdoors. Calling is probably my favorite thing about the outdoors, being able to talk to ducks and to coax geese onto the “X” is really some thing special.

Ever since I was introduced to the outdoors, it has been my true passion. My father played a very large role in my love for watching ducks fall out of the sky and putting hooks into fish. This is a prime example of what we are aiming to do here at TYO; Keeping The Tradition Going. Thank you, Dad.